Take a lovely newlywed couple and put them together with the most adorable corgi puppies, and you’ve got two of my most favorite things in one shoot! I photographed Tiffany and Chris’s wedding this year, and they were the first couple that came to mind for this anniversary session since they met at a dog park and are animal lovers. These puppies are from the loving home of SummitHill Corgis, where I got my very own Corgi from! I hope this shoot brightens your day and brings about warm fuzzies, just like these little guys!

Corgi puppies from SummitHill Corgis
Corgi mugs from Three Cheers For Corgis Shop


Jen!!! These shots are incredibly cute. Great photos 🙂

Thanks so much Cindy!

What year are these photos from? I have two Summithill Corgis. Would be fun to find siblings!

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