How long have you been photographing weddings?

I'm blessed to say I've had this wonderful career for 8 years. I still wake up to every wedding just as excited as if it were my first one. When your job is your passion it doesn't feel like work!

What equipment do you use?

I’m a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot medium format film and digital. I chose to shoot film because it’s a part of my roots when I learned photography in the darkroom. I also found that the style and “look” of the images that I liked the most were taken with film. There are certain qualities in film that digital can’t reproduce, and even though there are editing softwares out there that can mimic the look of film, a trained eye can still tell the difference between the authentic and processed film image. The amount of film that I shoot is at my discretion, however a specific amount of film photography can be added to your package via the a la carte.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, and my digital camera also has the capability of recording on two cards at once, so I use one of them as a backup for your photos as well.

What is your photography style?

Artful, timeless and elegant.

How many photos will we get?

This can vary depending on a number of factors (amount of detail in your wedding, different events, etc) but a rough estimate would be 75-100 photos per hour. For a two-hour engagement session it would be 50-100 images.

How long does it take to see our photos?

You'll receive some sneak previews within days of your wedding! The rest of the photos will take about 4-5 weeks. During busy seasons the film labs may have a longer turnaround time so I will definitely keep you posted on any updated timelines.

Do you travel? Are there fees?

Yes, I love to travel! For weddings local to Southern CA, my packages cover a 40-mile distance from Long Beach. Extra mileage expense is at the current gas reimbursement rate of 56 cents/mile. For out of state & international please inquire for details.

Will you retouch any of the photos?

Retouching is done at my discretion, but typically includes color-correcting and exposure adjustment. I believe in getting perfected shots in camera and take a less-is-more approach when it comes to any retouching. More detailed retouching can be purchased at an additional fee based on the level of retouching requested.

Do you have business insurance?

Yes absolutely! A certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.

Do we get the Copyright and can we print and post our photos online?

As the creator of the images, I automatically own the Copyright to the photos. It's a common misconception that you need the Copyright to the photos. You are most likely looking for a print/publishing release. With every package, you will receive the right to make your own prints and to publish your images online for your own personal usage. Any type of commercial usage, i.e. selling your photos for stock photography use, is not covered and would be addressed on a case-by-case basis.