My grandma recently moved into an assisted living home. She has been living by herself in Los Angeles for almost 20 years after my grandfather passed away. While I’m so excited for her to be moving on to a new home where she’ll make lots of new friends and be a lot closer to us, I’m also a little sad to see her leave the house and all those memories. Things haven’t changed much at all in there, aside from her collecting more stuff, so every time I visit I’m flooded with memories of my childhood staying over at her house and all of our holiday gatherings. I wanted to honor her and the life she lived in this home by documenting her in her house one last time.



She makes an omelette for breakfast every day.


This was her first sewing machine and my grandfather’s sewing box. She loves to tell people about how talented my grandfather was at sewing.



This is one of her favorite coats that my grandfather hemmed for her.IMG_1037IMG_1047

Grandpa’s chair


Here’s to new beginnings and cherishing memories!

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